READING: Primal Way of Traveling

Travel And Reading

The most primal way of traveling happens through imagination. And reading is the best way to boast creativity and imagination in a child. My belief is that as soon as we start reading, our traveling begins. One of the first books I borrowed and read; then longed for and finally received began by questioning fantasy in adults. It then went on describing all kinds of travels, lands and people.

The Little Prince is that inner child we all hear speaking inside. That subtle voice I was already afraid to lose at the age of ten. The kid I wanted to remain: never growing old, always staring in wonder at the beauty of the Universe. The perfect traveler, without a fixed destination.

[Tweet “The Little Prince is a genuine traveler, the expat I would turn into… with time.”]

A rose is a rose is a rose…  A phrase in the poem Sacred Emily (1913) – loved by the intellectuals I had the pleasure (?) of meeting -. As far as I understand, Sacred Emily is a poem about putting words together and not a poem about something. Therefore, in other words: NO! a rose is not a rose, that’s a lie. Every rose is unique, every culture, every country, each one of us.

The Little Prince taught me more than one lesson, I learnt about differences and love being born out of them. But also about racism, ignorance, pain, sadness and death. I grew up with it. It healed my adult pains and offered me comfort.

Whenever I’m a bit down I go back to its pages. I seek for innocence to ease the distress of adulthood, all that just by believing that a flock of birds might take me away, flying high in the sky, far, far away.


 Travel and Reading - The Little Prince

Here is my secret… Us, the ones who travel, are pretty much like Le Petit Prince, when we don’t travel and stay still, we die.



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