Once upon a time we visited Mykonos. Fashionable and cosmopolitan, Mykonos (as well as her sister, Santorini) is probably the most famous Greek island.

If you are traveling solo or with your partner, it might be on top of your bucket list. Are you traveling with your kids? Then you might be thinking this post is not for you. Well, we’ve got some news: Mykonos is truly child friendly.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani. Visit Mykonos

Mykonos for Families

Once upon a time we spent a wonderful time on a quite beach, a few minutes away from Mykonos town. Platys Gialos (or big beach in Greek) is a good spot for kids, it is a big bay and with a little port from which boats leave every hour to different destinations. Due to its natural shape, there wass no Meltemi wind hitting on us all the time.

Needless to say the island has a well-earned fame.

It is a gorgeous place, full of fantastic beaches and all kind of touristic attractions. Some of those touched my heart the deepest, landscapes I would love to visit again.


Mykonos for Families: Cavo Psarou

Cavo Psarou, Mykonos

Cavo Psarou, right next to Platys Gialos, is an exclusive, secluded area with crystal clear waters and white sand. Here, it is possible to spend the day just relaxing on a sunbed, drinking Greek frappe (cold coffee) or a glass of beer. There is a little restaurant as well, offering a good choice of salads and typical Greek dishes. As the picture shows, lots of private yachts drop their anchors in these waters. 

Elia is also a good option for kids!

Elia, friendly beach of Mykonos

Elia Beach, gay-friendly, but also family-friendly. To me, this is what Paradise must look like. Elia, one of the many southern beaches on Mykonos. Also one of the top gay-friendly beaches on the island where, in certain areas, nude bathing is allowed. To be honest, I was too busy taking care of my kids so I saw no nude bathing, but what can I say? For me, this was an awesome place, where we spent one of the best days ever.

It’s all up to you, of course. According to us, gay is ok. We simply think diversity can only enrich our lives. We understand there’s nothing wrong if our sons play with children with two dads or two moms.

We arrived by boat, after an hour trip from Platys Gialos (but you can also take a bus from Mykonos Town). People were happy, drinks were refreshing, and pizza was awesome! It was Heaven.

A visit to Mykonos Town 

Reflections Little Venice, Mykonos.

Little Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic places on the island. I took this picture right after sunset, when the last beams of sunlight hit the balconies of houses facing the sea. These belonged to the most distinguished sailors in town. Nowadays, these seafront windows host posh bars and pubs downtown, together with exclusive jewelry workshops and souvenir stands.

Being years and years old, Mykonos windmills have been fully renovated, some even turned into museums. It’s also fair to say they are not only on this island. They can also be found in Ios, Paros or Crete to mention a few. In Mykonos they are no longer in use, however they represent a vivid memory of the island’s agricultural past as well as a continuous reminder of the Meltemi.

Mykonos Windmills

Panagia Paraportiani is a church (well, five churches, in fact), easily found walking past Little Venice. I clearly remember wanting to get the best possible pictures of the area, so I got up early, left the kids with daddy and visited the neighborhood of Kastro. It was a sunny day, very early in the morning, before cruise ships arrived on the island. Its dazzling white walls seemed to dance against the blue skies, shimmering along the blaze of the sun.

The strong scent of incense invading the streets, mixed with the litany of Mass, the blue of the seas and its salty smell… all these represented nothing but the authentic Mykonos. Not the regularly portrayed one, not just an island for all-night-long parties, not publicity for fun. You can get that too if you want. But there is also so much more.

Just go and get it.

Panagia Paraportiani. Mykonos, once upon a time.


Sunset, Mykonos

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