Girl Gone Greek book coverWho Doesn’t want to go Greek..?


Rebecca Hall’s debut Contemporary Women’s Fiction Novel.


To her sister’s eyes, Rachel has always been different. Having traveled the world, even being a volunteer in remote countries, she has no better idea than taking a TEFL course, and moving to Greece!

Her passion for experiencing different cultures made her come up with this decision. I can do this, she repeated herself. And as you might guess, it won’t be an easy path still, her wit and determination will finally show her the way.

Life in the mountains will be far from that Cycladic postcard landscape we tend to picture when we think about Greece. There are new customs to understand, a new vision of life. There are new characters coming to her life, becoming her road companions. They will walk with Rachel during this new stage. A new boss, teen students, and a fortunate friendship will add substance to an already rich novel. They are authentic, a real piece of the land. Some of them will become friends, others will make her wonder what she might be doing wrong. Yet, she will finally understand it: that’s the Greek way… and maybe she’s already Greek inside.

She proves hersGirl Gone Greekelf strong enough to overcome insecurities, both in the classroom and in life. We given the opportunity to see a Greece made of simple people. Loud but upfront and honest.

Her getaways to Athens will vary the pace of the book, making it fun, but also leaving a space for afterthought. This book will leave you wondering Who doesn’t want to go Greek after all?



Girl Gone Greek is Rebecca Hall’s debut Contemporary Women’s Fiction Novel.

Author Rebecca Hall Girl Gone GreekAbout the Author: After a long series of travel, Rebecca left the UK to return to Greece, the country she loves. There she teaches English and writes about the chaotic nature of her new home. She is a Rough Guide co-author, and contributes to numerous publications. When not writing, it’s possible to find her drinking coffee with her friends or searching where to find the best baklava.

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 I was not compensated for this post and I did not receive any complimentary copy for my review. I bought the book myself and all the opinions and descriptions are my own ideas about it.

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