Nikki Asks… Where is Gabi?

Where is Gabi, The Tiny Book

By Noodles

A New Conversation with a Fellow Blogger. A few weeks ago, sweet Nikki from Where is Noodles? asked me a few questions about the city I currently call home: She wanted to know Where is Gabi… 

She was curious about what is it like living in Italy as well as what reasons made me decide for that city. After 12 years here, it was hard to reply, harder than I would have guessed. Anyway, I got courage – who knows where it came from –  and decided to give it a try. I discovered things about Italy I didn’t know, and others I had decided to forget. This is a mini extract from our conversation. 

“I was born in Argentina and arrived here almost 12 years ago, after meeting my Italian partner. I decided this was not the place for us to be, but he was the man I wanted to be with, so I made up my mind, moved here, got a second degree, had two kids and now that they are old enough, we are ready to move on… “

You can read the rest of the interview on her site.


Where is Gabi, The Tiny Book.

Where is Gabi..

Thank you Noodles! It was a pleasure!!


by the way… Who is NOODLES?

Noodles, Where_is_series

Nikki…or Noodles is a fellow travel blogger. Her posts are sparkling and full of life. I am always happy to read about her passion for Africa and her time giving a hand over there.



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