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Things to do in Athens and Mykonos during May. what to do in Greece during May

I’ve been thinking for a while now about taking a quick city break, and Greece is always a good idea. Although it may still be a bit too cold for a dip in the Mediterranean sea, not everyone knows that Greece is not just a Summer destination.

The country has excellent weather all year round. So, why not book a ticket and reach Athens? Let me give you some insight about cultural activities you wouldn’t want to miss if you are considering a sunny holiday in Greece, this May.

View of Acropolis, Athens. what to do in Greece during May

Visit Greece in May!

First Things First: Let’s start with Athens

One of the oldest cities in the world, Athens (Αθήνα in modern Greek) boasts over 3400 years of history and is considered to be the cradle of Classical culture. Education, Arts and Philosophy had a central role in the lives of citizens, even influencing other Mediterranean civilizations.

With such premises, cultural activities in the city are boundless. You should carefully choose what to do according to how much time you are planning to stay (I’ll give you some tips). You will probably feel time is never enough to see all there is to see. Get used to that feeling, that’s one of the reasons why everyone always wants to return to Greece.

Acropolis Museum, Athens. what to do in Greece during May

Acropolis Museum, Athens.

Culture Tips for Athens:

If you are a first time visitor or if you just love Classic culture, there is one place you cannot miss: The Acropolis Museum. A newly built state of the art exhibition center, pride and joy of Athenians, and in a privileged location at the foot of the Acropolis. The museum conveys the ancient aura of Athens, displaying of centuries worth of artefacts belonging to the Greek culture with extreme elegance.

Tip: The visit should take a good 3 hours of your time, so plan accordingly. If you can’t get enough of the magical Acropolis and, most of all, if this is your first time in the city, I suggest you to choose a smart and practical place to stay. A place I like a lot is AthensWas, centrally situated (right in the heart of Athens, see the map), AthensWas offers exquisite rooms with a stunning view of the Acropolis, keeping up with the cultural vibe of the city.

Night view of the Acropolis, Athens. what to do in Greece during May

A captivating sight you cannot miss!

Athens is a modern (even if ancient) city, full of an exciting life and endless attractions for visitors. If you feel like exploring it more, here is another tip: check out one of the various tours available with Key Tours. The different options offered will certainly give you an opportunity to fully get to grips and experience the feel of Athens, its lifestyle and much more!

Exhibitions in May: The city will be hosting several art exhibitions during the month of May. Here are some interesting upcoming shows you may want to take a look at:

  • “Somebody had to do it” – A particular still-life display of objects that represent relationships, held at Elika Gallery, now transformed into a bar, a symbolic meeting point.
  • “Encounters with Memory” – A group exhibition by an all-female team. Danish artists invite you to explore the realms of memory, reality and fantasy through art, photography and film. You can easily combine it with a drink as the trendy TAF (The Art Foundation) where it is housed, is also a very hip bar spot.
Greek classic architecture. what to do in Greece during May

Another Greek view.

Taking things a bit further: Moving on to Mykonos

From the hub of Athens you can make your pick among the many Greek islands. Each of them has a unique and strong heritage for you to discover.

Iconic windmills from Mykonos, Greece. what to do in Greece during May

The famous windmills of Mykonos. Yet, you already know the island has much more to give!

So, my next tip is to give Mykonos a try. Visit the cultural underdog of Greece. Mykonos has been slightly misunderstood to be the ultimate celebrity party island. A while ago I gave you some tips for family travel to Mykonos… do you remember? Well, don’t be surprised, there is still more to it!

Even with fun being part of the island’s identity, do not miss the chance to see the more demure side of it.


My tip this time? Choose the right place for the more sophisticated visitor; Mykonos has a lot of culture to offer you.

Culture Tips for Mykonos:

Pay a visit to the Museum of Archaeology – overlooking the neighbouring island of Delos, this Mykonian museum showcases artefacts dating back to the 25th century B.C. You will see vases, jewelry, pottery paraphernalia, historical grave stelae and statues. Tons of relics from battles and raids of the past. A collection that will completely transform your perspective about Mykonos.

The island has a plethora of other museums, such as the Folklore Museum and the Maritime Museum of Mykonos, both in Chora (also known as Mykonos Town) which you can peruse at your own leisure, depending on your interests.

Still longing for more? Well… Let’s keep going: Delos!

You have certainly heard that the island of Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country. Did you also know that this famous island is just about forty minutes away from Mykonos?

Archeological site, Delos, Greece.

Delos, discover this little Cycladic gem.

Delos, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Greece. what to do in Greece during May

There is so much to see in Delos.

My tip this time is this: Don’t miss this amazing appointment with the past! A Day trip to Delos is a must if you are already enjoying Mykonos. Delos is one of the most culturally laden islands in the Aegean. The level of preserved artefacts is staggering. Possibly the most rich site in terms of Mythology, History and Archaeology. Delos has been rightfully declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Remember that you can only access the island via Mykonos.

This trend of recognising Mykonos as part of the Cycladic cultural core is getting fervent supporters. Even hotel owners are embracing the cultural side of Mykonos. A perfect example of this is the gorgeous Mykonian Mare Hotel, a place that reinforces the fact that Mykonos has finally been included in the rankings of cultural destinations.

So, are we seeing each other in Athens this May? Well, Maybe… Why not?

If you love culture trips, Mykonos will not disappoint you. what to do in Greece during May

If you love culture trips, Mykonos will not disappoint you.

Greek art from the past. what to do in Greece during May

Where else could you find so much to do? Visit Greece in May.



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