Want to Travel More?

Want to travel more-Beat travel seasonality

Here’s How to Beat Travel Seasonality

If you’ve been bit by the travel bug, like us, chances are your suitcase is found somewhere handy around the house; it is worn around the edges, and is always kept half-open, ready to be filled in time for the next adventure! Travel is a passion, and for some it is an addiction but never a routine. However, in between all the things that keep us grounded such as day jobs, financial worries, social & familial obligations, and of course, seasons, true travelers will be fighting a constant urge for the next excursion, the next thrill, the next experience. Here are some ways that will help you travel more, regardless of season restrictions.

Prioritize your timing

Free time is one of the most priceless things we can afford; this precious time is stipulated by our daily schedules and obligations. When most people will tend to choose to go on vacation during the universal holidays, the people who get to travel more are actually those who opt to travel outside the typical holiday seasons: summer season June to August, or winter season Christmas to New Year’s and Easter holidays in spring.

High demand for holidays during these periods tend to drive prices up and availability down, which restricts your travel experience much.

Priorities... want to travel more? Want to travel more? How to beat travel seasonality. Here are some ways that will help you travel more, regardless of season restrictions.

Priorities… want to travel more?

Prioritize your destination

Fervent travelers will tend to have some must-visit destinations on their bucket list. If you have been dying to visit Cuba for example, check the best period to visit that destination. Things that help formulate the best time to visit a destination are climate and weather cycles, as you want to be able to explore the outdoors as much as possible.

No one wants to be stuck in a room all day long, unless perhaps it combines spa and massages, and even then, maybe! Periods of good weather will also tend to be associated with peak season, so why not visit a few days before or after? You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Want to travel more? How to beat travel seasonality. Here are some ways that will help you travel more, regardless of season restrictions.

Just pack and go..!

Prioritize a cruise

A cruise allows for both of the above to come together, expertly and effortlessly, especially if you want to combine exploring more than one location in your desired destination.

Beat travel seasonality

Cruises are indeed an option when it comes to travel more.

There are 7 – 10 day cruises that allow you to be in a different place each day, in the fastest, safest and most efficient way possible, plus think about the fact that you only pack your bags once! As we’ve already mentioned that free time is precious, why spend it at airports, or hauling your luggage in between transport means?

The benefits of choosing a boutique cruiser go even further: smaller size ships mean a more friendly service than the impersonal massive cruise liners, while the vessel size is also an advantage when wanting to approach various ports, to get that direct experience, up, close and personal! And the greatest one of all? By choosing a cruise you can opt for summer all year round.

Here’s where you can find out more about our recent sailing adventures.

Want to travel more? Here's how to beat travel seasonality

Beat travel seasonality!



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