It’s a fact: I write…

Travel and Writing

It’s a fact that I write a lot, and I do it a lot. And no, I don’t think that makes me a writer.

Not that alone at least. Still, my job as a translator involves writing, reading, rewriting and rereading… That means I spend a good amount of money a year on writing supplies.

All for different purposes, some that come with me wherever I go, others that just live on my desk.

Traveler’s Notebook

This is my personal diary, it’s not an authentic Midori, it was custom-made. It includes 5 books which I use for blogging, writing ideas, as a calendar, and as a glossary for my translation tasks when I am on the road. There I keeps terms I then move to my official translator glossaries (I have many). This notebook has obvious advantages for travel: I can undo it and take with me just the books I need when I pack.

Work planner

I use this one as an aid for my job organization. This year I got myself a Moleskine, but I can also grab a convenient offer at the local supermarket. I don’t care much about branding as long as the writing space is comfortable and wide. There write all about clients and assignments, delivery dates, translation or proofreading jobs,  information on word count, language combination, fees, etc… When I travel, this one stays home. I move the needed data to a lighter piece of paper or a dedicated section of another notebook (depending on the length of the trip).

Notepads, Notebooks & Tiny Books

These are for glossaries (I have many, divided by language combination, but also by language sector – tourism, fashion, cooking but also mechanics, law, technology… That means a lot of glossaries). However, just a few paper glossaries travel with me when I travel. I never take holidays in translation, and I never leave some of them out of my reach.

Writing supplies and reading needs

Writing supplies and reading needs.

I also use these notepads for my notes, to plan our trips and travel memories as well. I adore these little notebooks with information about hotels, feelings, or what we did. It can include the phone number of a new friend, the name of a restaurant, the address of a pediatrician, the name of a medicine, a recipe, a few words in an unknown language, our return flight number… as much random information as you can guess. It’s one of those treasures you cannot afford to lose. I always choose a light, small writing pad with all the gathered information, but also with enough blank pages to add more data on the go. This goes along with a map, always.

Travel and Writing: Notepad, map and coffee

Notepad, map and coffee.

Netbook (but also Desktop, Laptop, iPad and even iPhone)

These are to back up all of the above! Mostly glossaries and writing pieces. Although my MacBookAir is a must for a month trip abroad, I don’t consider it essential for a weekend break. I can still live on pen and paper and enjoy life as well.




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