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Tips and tricks to travel with kids

 So The Tiny Book is yet another Family Travel Blog! But there’s more to it. We want to show you that travel with kids is possible (even with limited resources at times), and we want to tell you how we do it.

I also write about solo travel, my job takes me away from home sometimes and yes… you can handle that having kids too. So there will be the occasional solo travel/business travel post once in a while. Yet, mostly, this is all about a family with kids that take breaks to do what they like: travel.

The Tiny Book Family Travel BlogHow do we do this… and why?

We’re a regular family, we don’t all share the same nationality but if there’s one thing we’ve got in common is a big passion for airplanes, trains and road trips. Travel is something that we love to discuss during dinner, a never-ending conversation topic. When we talk travel we have fun!


Kids learn from direct experiences during trips, we combine this with special activities designed for every specific destination. There are activities to get done before the trip starts, while on destination and, of course, once we come back. These involves reading, writing, making presentations and maths!

Why do I do it? First of all because I enjoy writing, putting down to paper (Yes, I still use real paper notebooks to write!) things I don’t want to forget. How it felt..? Was it worth it..? Would I do it again..?

Why not keeping it personal and including the rest of the family? Simply because the good old times when I packed a bag and jumped on any (any!) means of transport are gone. I am part of a family and we travel together. School? Well, this is a personal choice and it’ll last until it can last. I hate formal education being inflicted upon my kids. We are not a nomadic family but we chose to skip school schemes for a while. To be honest, we really don’t know how successful this will be and experience is all it takes to know.

And you know what? Homeschooling doesn’t mean kids don’t attend for the sake of travel… At all. If anything, it’s the other way round: they don’t attend schools for deeper reasons and whenever we can, we travel!


The Tiny Book Family Travel

Street Market Bangkok.

Kids learn from direct experience

We love beaches, Mediterranean food, sand in our toes, hot weather and backpacking. Museums are also fun if you know how to handle them, even with small kids. But don’t be fooled… they learn at home too! They learn tons and in a direct way.

We always squeeze at least one museum experience even during short breaks. They don’t have to be traditional museums, not always at least. A great example of this are temples, archaeological sites… or even cities! Among all our favorite destinations, Greece is one we keep coming back to. We love all it has to offer to families with small children. If you like the Mediterranean, stay around!

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