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Best Travel Apps for Family Travel

Best Travel Apps for Families. The Perfect Travel App will let you enjoy a more relaxed holiday.

The Perfect Travel App will let you enjoy a more relaxed holiday.

In times of digital overexposure, we normally decide that taking a holiday is the best way to completely detox from our digital lives. Our wish is to go fully offline for a couple of weeks. However, is this really possible? When planning a trip for all the family the amount of things to do grows until the day of your trip. We write lists, and print endless documents. We forget key items in the rush to bring all we have planned… in our minds. Is all this stress really necessary? Travel Apps are the best option to avoid the mess. Smart devices come to the rescue… So, I guess, we can’t always do without some digital in our lives.

Best travel apps for family travel

Sometimes it’s hard to go completely offline.

As a travel mom, just a bit of disorganization can lead to things getting pretty rough. Endless documents to print, multiple bags to pack and hours of flight trying to keep the kids entertained. Plus I still hope for a decent meal upon arrival, the right accommodation and, why not? Make new friends.

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Best travel apps for family travel: Travello.


We are very happy members of the Travello community and proud Travello Ambassadors. And we love this App, it really comes a long way when planning our trips and once in destination as well.


Best travel apps for family travel.

With Travello you can make friends that share your passions.

If you want to connect with other travelers in any part of the world, get this App. Meet people who share your interests, or just use it to ge interesting advice… Travello is also good to join another family for a cup of coffee, if you’re feeling a bit homesick, this is it.

Best travel app to meet friends: Travello

Share your travel tips with Travello.

Travello is the ultimate traveler’s social network, used in over 200 countries. It doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are, you can customize it according to your needs. And there is more: It comes with a super useful Wi-Fi finder. Travello has also helped us connect with other traveling parents. This way our kids make new friends too!

Travel apps for family travel

New friends for all.

Flight View


FlightView makes flying easy. Five functions will help you take full advantage of it: flight tracking, airport delay information, weather, sharing and My Trip.

My Trip is a feature that sends every travel detail to FlightView through an e-mail to easily check all flight status in every stage of your trip.

Best travel apps

Know all there is to know before reaching the airport.

A weather report comes in handy to check how to pack according to the climate. Sharing features are good to share your itineraries through messages, as well as to update your flight status on Facebook. Grandma will always know were her grandchildren are!

My eVault

My eVault

You know how everybody tells you to make copies of tickets, passports and reservations before you travel? Well, meet the answer to that piece of advice!


Best travel apps for families that travel

Keep all your travel documents safe with My eVault.

My eVault allows you to quickly photograph your travel documents before a trip for your complete peace of mind. You can also backup pics of frequent flyer cards, licenses, credit cards and insurance documents for every member of the family. This way you keep a record of key information in case of loss. The Free Lite Version lets you register up to 5 travel items and 3 insurance policies. The Premium version has unlimited registration possibilities.

Best travel apps

Take a pic of your cards and keep them safe.

TripSee travel app


An easy way to plan your next adventure. The TripSee App adds predictive trip planning to your mobile devices. If you are short of time to look for the information you need, open TripSee and choose what to do in every destination.The app will give you a list of popular attractions and landmarks you must see. It also adds these locations to your trip itinerary (you can even pin new ones) and the trick is done!

Best travel apps for family travel

Outline your own itinerary.

FoodSpotting Travel App


Quick and to the point, Foodspotting is a visual guide that makes us find that perfect dish we always talk about when we get back home. You do not only check restaurants, you get to review dishes too!


Best travel app to find your favorite dish

Food is part of a country’s culture. Don’t miss the best local dish.

It’ll tell you where you can find the best moussaka in Santorini, the most amazing spaghetti in Rome or have a coffee with macaroons in Paris. As foodspotters say: “It’s about dishes, not restaurants!”

Best travel apps for traveling families.

Who can say no to this?

This app is a Godsend if you have picky kids. After seeing an attractive picture, they will be more inclined to try new tastes. Powered by people who take pictures of their dishes, deciding what to eat is really super easy!

Travel apps for foodies

A quick snack? Let’s make it a tasty one!

PackPoint Travel App


PackPoint builds a customized packing list according to the scope of your trip (hiking, sightseeing, a business trip or traveling with a baby). And it keeps improving!


Best travel apps for family travel

Packing for the family is a task definitely made easier with PackPoint.

This App also checks the weather at destination: Never again forget to carry an umbrella, your favorite brand of sunscreen or that t-shirt your son loves.

Travel app for families: Plan what to pack for kids.

Don’t want to pack an umbrella? Take a raincoat and a waterproof hat!

PackPoint comes to the rescue when packing for all the family turns into an overwhelming task. And it is so helpful to design a wardrobe for multiple-climate destinations.

Best travel apps for families.

Don’t forget anything!

Trip Mayor Travel App


TripMayor is a travel journal. It’s a handy App that allows you to record a trip, keep track of itineraries, save pictures and write about all the experiences made on the road. It’s a digital Traveler’s Notebook.


Best travel apps

With Travel Mayor live your experiences again and again!

Once your trip is over you will have crafted your own travel memories without the need of a paper journal. This is a featured that we use to keep our family travel stories together, to read again and enjoy anytime, anywhere. If you are into Instagram, this is the App you’re looking for.

Use Travel Mayor to record your kid's travel memories.

Travel memories: a gift children will treasure for ever. Easier with Travel Mayor.

iStone Travel Translation App

iStone Travel Translation

Avoid getting lost in translation. I am a translator, and the rule says I should be against this kind of App. Well, let me tell you something, learning languages is vital, helpful and gives you an insight of the culture of a country you will otherwise can’t get easily. But you can’t learn them all! iStone Travel Translation brings over 300 useful phrases ready to use in specific situations.

Language app for travel

Making friends is one of the best things about travel. Don’t miss the opportunity because of language barriers!

iStone Travel Translation covers 12 languages and quickly comes up with the correct expression. Whether you are at a restaurant, on the bus, or asking for directions, it’s simple to use and get the right phrase you need. (Free. Full versions of languages need in-app purchase).

Travel apps to make friends that speak other languages

Communicate in every language!

Sights Athens Travel App

Athens Sights

We travel worldwide, but the hearts of Tiny Book are in Greece. We try to escape there as often as we can. We enjoy the culture, the food and the landscapes. And we get the best of it with Athens Sights.

Best travel app for families.

Travel Apps according to your favorite destination. In our case, it’s Greece!

This new travel guide helps the user browse and find information about Sights of Athens, that meaning points of interest in the Greek capital. You get good descriptions, Wikipedia pages, distances and a lot more.

Best travel Apps

A handy new App: Athens Sights.

The GPS in your device makes it find the nearest spots and it even provides you with a list of useful phone numbers, the weather forecast and maps. Athens Sights is a must for any visitor to the city.

Beach Greek, great travel app.

Greek Beach

Produced by the same developers of Athens Sights, Greek Beach is a super new App useful to find the best beaches and camping sites in Greece, and I know it’ll be a top seller.

It receives data via Internet (for online use) or you can also download data locally (for offline use). All data are continuously updated for the sake of accuracy.

Travel apps to find the best beach

Views of Greece.

Users can vote for a place to increase or decrease its rating and you can write informal notes about each place you visit. Have you ever experienced the frustration of kids when you finally arrive to that long desired beach and instead of sand they find pebbles? No castles for them, no peace of mind for you. Avoid that sad disappointment once and for all!

Travel app for Greece

Find the perfect beach for kids, choose sand, crystal waters and relax.

The freeware version of Greek Beach gives you the ability to view 3-5 beaches and 1 camping site in a given area. To have access to all beaches (over 2100 in practically every region of the country), install the full version.

Open Seas. Best travel apps for families.

Openseas Greek Ferries Guide

This App keeps us informed about the scheduled routes of ferries in Greece.
It helps us search for departures and arrivals to any island, see timetables and many other details of each trip. Avoid being stuck at the port with your children, enjoy a bit of the city before your departure.

Travel app for Greek ferries

Schedule every departure and save time!

There they are, the best eleven travel apps for families we use.

And I promised one more. Well… Let’s make it two! The first one is a special App for travel families (but not only and I’ll tell you why in a minute). The other one is great when it’s time for mom to finally relax on board.

Rory's story cubes, best travel app for kids

Rory’s Story Cubes

When you travel with kids it’s not always all sand and fun! Let’s face it, it might take a long road to get to destination. And bored kids are naughty kids.


Best apps for family travel.

The rule is: the tablet is only used on board and, if they are not tired, a little bit at night before bedtime. But never on the beach!

There’s no way I get on a plane with a kid and no tablet. It keeps them busy, they don’t disturb other passengers and everyone gets to destination relaxed. On their tablets they have books, music and Rory’s Story Cubes.

We discovered Rory’s Story Cubes a few years ago and we loved them. But after losing a few cubes during a stormy take off, we decided to go for tablet entertainment on board. And guess…? These story-telling dice also come digital! Kids were enthusiastic to see that if you shake your mobile, the dice do roll.

But I also said that this App is good for adults too… How come? You might be wondering. Well, there are endless ways for adults to play with these. Use the cubes for games on a long train ride, or during a rainy afternoon stuck at the hotel. Challenge your travel partner to tell the funniest story without putting much thought into it!

Travel apps for kids.

Long trips sometimes need a bit of entertainment.

You can play solitaire to stretch your imagination, to overcome a writer’s block, to write stories or even to practice a second language.

Revuu, travel moms also have an app!

And for us? Revuu

… This one is for women traveling solo, busy moms and fashion addicts!

Being a translator working in the world of fashion I need to be update. Once everyone on the plane has their needs covered, once the kids have their apps, my husband his newspaper, and nobody wants a cookie anymore, it’s time for me to enjoy the flight. I stopped buying magazines a while ago, there is no need to carry extra weight in my tote. I only need my Kindle, or an App. That App is Revuu.

Best travel apps

An App specially thought for women.

Revuu is a new mobile fashion & lifestyle magazine. Through this App you will receive daily fashion, food, and travel editorials from the world’s most inspiring magazines and blogs. Revuu helps you discover new content. And it allows you to save and share as well!


A shorter version of this post has been published by Revuu App.

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