A Birthday Present in Bohemia

So, tomorrow it’s my birthday and, as we’ve been doing over the last years, we are celebrating it with a short trip. It was Nice, in France, for my forties. This time we’re leaving for Prague. So… here we are, planning Prague. Planning a birthday present in Bohemia.

Prague castle at dusk and Vtlava river.


Technically and due to organization issues, we won’t be in Prague on the B-day, but the week after. Fine by me… as long as we travel, it’s always fine. I’m really excited about this trip for more than one reason. First and foremost, I recently finished reading a book I adored (in Spanish) by the Argentine blogger, Aniko Villalba. The chapter about Prague made me fall in love with a city I’ve never seen before…


 I’m very happy as this year has been quite still in terms of travel. We’ve been busy working on the blog, on our next trip, on our moving abroad project and on homeschooling ideas. In short, this break would a deep breath to move on. Let’s take a rest.

I am also excited because I will test my new backpack*. When I find something I like but I’m not so sure about it, I make some research before making up my mind. With this backpack I made tons of research: I spent hours watching videos and reading reviews; obviously, I cannot wait to fully load my Osprey pack and see how it works on the road.

Last but not least: I’m going to Prague! — considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (if not the most beautiful one).


Old Town Square, Prague.

Old Town Square.


Statues on Charles Bridge. Prague.

Statues on Charles Bridge. 

So… let’s get to work. PLANNING PRAGUE:

Where to sleep: Airbnb

We are extreme fans of, we’ve always found excellent deals and we’ve never, ever had a problem, never things where different from what we expected (or from pictures and reviews). We never money issues, or problems with our hosts. We love it. The truth is, though, that with some European cities prices are too high regarding accommodation. This is what made us give up on Brussels last year, and what made us give up on the hotel site this time.

Instead I found a wonderful apartment really close to John Lennon’s Wall, in Malá Strana – quiet but central. The place looks beautifully decorated and the price is more than reasonable. We have also agreed on airport transfer too so, unless everything goes totally wrong, bingo!

Where to eat: 

Ok, we’ll go local, but out of the tourist circuit. About the where, this is to be defined and told in future posts.


A basket with fresh Trdelník. ®Tamorlan

A basket with fresh Trdelník. ®Tamorlan

About the what Czech cuisine is well influenced by the German taste, so pork, sausages, lots of sauces and sauerkraut. These together with potatoes. I also want to taste some Guláš, which is a stew normally made from beef or guess what…? Pork.

For breakfast, everyone suggests the Trdelník, a traditional Slovak sweet pastry made from rolled dough, wrapped around a stick, grilled and topped with sugar and spices, easily found on the streets.

To drink: there’s a strong tradition of breweries in the Bohemian region. I want to try some local pilsner and a glass of any dark unfiltered too.


Glass of Dark Beer (Nove Mĕsto Beer Hall).                         ®Øyvind Holmstad.

Glass of Dark Beer (Nove Mĕsto Beer Hall).                         ®Øyvind Holmstad. 

What to see:

Ok, I’m guilty. I want to see the obvious. And take pictures of the obvious. Lots of them:

Walk down Charles Bridge is something we’ve got to do even if we don’t want to, since we’ll be staying in Malá Strana; and to see Josefov, Staré Mĕsto and Novo Mĕsto too.

I want to see the Old Town Square and wait for the Astronomical Clock to tell us the time. St. Vitus Cathedral, the Castle. Kafka’s house is also on the list.


We will devote a few hours to the Jewish quarter and to some modern corners of the city (The Dancing House, for instance).

I promised my son to show him the Klementinum, a baroque library (on our bucket-list for long). I’m also sure that in the Museum of Communism I will find very interesting views as well. 

What to do:

I have made plans for one of the evenings. Not the opera nor the ballet. It’s a childhood dream. I have a reservation for the Black Light Theatre and my children still don’t know.

Since its foundation, Srnec Theatre – the 1st Black Light Theatre in the world – has belonged among the best known representatives of the Czech dramatic art in the world. The ensemble was established in 1961.

Srnec theatre. Prague

Srnec theatre.

The principle of the black light theatre, invented by the founder and artistic director Jiří Srnec, is based on a new creative exploitation of a simple trick, the so-called black cabinet, actors dressed in black use props and cannot be seen against the black background from the spectators‘ perspective. 


(This information comes from their web site. Read more).

Where to go:

I just hope we have the time to do some “self organized road trip”… well, train trip, to be more precise. We want to visit a town 70 kilometers away from Prague, the medieval city of Kutná Hora, in Central Bohemia, Prague’s main rival during its best times.

Kutná Hora and the neighboring town of Sedlec have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Ossuary of Sedlec is a must-see over there.


Kutná Hora, St. Barbara Church at night. ®Jerzy Strzelecki

Kutná Hora, St. Barbara Church at night. ®Jerzy Strzelecki

What to wear:

It’s almost summer, but that’s no warranty of good weather in Europe, we have suffered short summers and eternal winters in the last years. It might be mild during the day, but nights will be chilly. Prague is also windy because it is in a somewhat unprotected position, with no tall buildings around. They say Prague is as beautiful as a woman, and as moody as one too: so is the weather. It might rain and the next moment the sun can be shinning.



A new travel partner…

Osprey pack - Farpoint 40

Osprey pack – Farpoint 40.


* I will publish my review as soon as I have tested it.

I was not paid nor I received any compensation in exchange.

I am not a sponsor or an Osprey Ambassador

I bought the backpack myself and all the opinions, photos and descriptions will be my own honest ideas about it.  



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