Writing on top of the Black Sea

Packing block: two osprey backpacks on a boat

Pre packing block. My first intention, was to post this article while still home, hours before packing, maybe also posting a few pictures about something nice and catchy, like How to pack for Bangkok and island-hopping. Instead, here you find me, on a plane seat or two, after running endless errands for a week, ending paperwork for the university, for the trip, for the kid’s backpacks… I spent a whole week suffering from what I call the packer’s block, not as serious as the writer’s block, but a nuisance as well. I’m not preventing those jet lag effects, I am writing posts while cozy sitting on both 41 A and B seats (hubby sleeps on C, D, E and F) of an amazing Oman Air flight, from Milan Malpensa to Muscat.


Now, why is there always a block when it comes to packing for me? I love planes, air-travel, even turbulence! I am a fan of backpacks, trolleys, packing cubes. I’d leave loads of money to Mr Eagle Creek if I could! I even know well ahead what to carry. Whatever it is, it’s NEW. I used to pack weeks before take off.

I take pride in my procrastination techniques, improving with time 

Reading, e-mails, social networks, dinners with friends, you name it! everything is a valid excuse NOT to start packing

Eventually I do have to pack, but I end up running a crazy race against time! Most probably forgetting something specially bought for the occasion and, what I hate the most… writing silly posts for my blog, on a flight while I should be sleeping instead: I am going back in time (or is it forward?) for at least 7 hours! I must sleep!

Finished moments before crossing the Black Sea.
Listening to Alanis Morisette, You Learn. I doubt it.

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