A Review of my Travel Backpack

Here’s my personal review on this amazing backpack, the Osprey Farpoint 40 (M/L). My backpack… my favorite travel mate (in blue the update added in March 2016, after a good amount of travel and the latest addition, updated in May, in pink).


Review: Osprey Farpoint 40 - a perfect backpack! Osprey Farpont 40L. Why is this the best backpack.

Osprey Farpoint 40L.

Why is this the best backpack


Osprey Farpoint 40 (M/L) – Blue Lagoon (Coal black and greenish is the other option).

EU carry-on dimensions
Size: 21″ x 13″ x 8″ / 55 x 35 x 20 cm
Weight: 2 lbs, 12 oz  / 1.32 kg
Material: 210 x 330 D Shadow Box Nylon
Warranty: All Mighty Guarantee
Linear Inches: 42″ (106 cm)
Liters: 40 (more if loaded wisely)

I am a carry on-only kind of traveler, the more I travel carry on, the more I love it (I even went all the way to Thailand and back only with this backpack!). I usually travel with my 18″ trolley which barely weighs two pounds (900 grams). A little bag I adore, perfect for a weekend away or two weeks holidays when used together with packing cubes. But then I heard of Osprey’s packs…


Osprey Farpont 40L. Why is this the best backpack. Aerolite 18" next to Osprey Farpoint 40 - It's love for both. (The iPhone 5 is there for size purposes...).

Aerolite 18″ next to Osprey Farpoint 40 – It’s love for both. (The iPhone 5 is there for size purposes…).


For my next trip to Thailand I figured backpacks would be far more comfortable (they were the best idea indeed), giving us the option to change our mind as far as public transport is concerned, without putting much thought into it (full peace of mind, always!).

After reading tons of reviews, watching videos of people packing and unpacking, after even connecting with other travelers, I made up my mind. The Farpoint seemed to be the best option. So I bought the bigger version (M/L) of the smallest (40 L) of the Farpoint series: The Osprey Farpoint 40 Litres.

Our trip to Prague was the first occasion to test it on the road. The trip proved educational since I learnt a few things: the most important one is that this pack is wonderful (over 9 months later it still is). I did find some downsides, but believe me, they were mostly my fault.

Why is this the best backpack, things that I like:

Being able to zip the back panel and stow away the shoulder straps (very well padded, by the way), the waist belt and sternum strap: that way I use its long shoulder strap (which I lost the only time I put this bag on hold… It was so full it got too heavy for carrying on. So, there you see: much more than 40 liters but took off the strap and left it on the Airline counter!) and transform it into a holdall when my back gets tired (carrying a computer all the time!).

Front- loading backpacks are better than top-loading ones. They are similar to packing a traditional suitcase. If you need something in a rush, you find it in no time (this never fails).

Top little pocket: ideal either to have passports at hand during controls or liquids at hand for same reason. You choose (I choose to carry liquids and home keys attached to the key holder, perfect. Sometimes I add my phone too).

Top front pocket: it carries a notebook, and iPad passports and travel documents. The fact that the quantity of pockets is limited helps me find things. I hate to go from one pocket to the other never finding what I need. 

One of the things that made me decide on this backpack was something my earlier backpack did not have and that I find extremely useful since external compression straps alone are not enough: a good internal compression system (priceless).

If you pack using cubes (I use a few Eagle Creek Specter cubes, I wish I could afford some more!), it works wonders, if they are compression cubes, better! (best cubes are still Eagle Creek Specter ones, the bigger the better for me).

The material feels light though sturdy, the space is adequate for long-term travel.

Zippers are lockable and their quality is very good. They are really smooth but strong.

Both top and side handles are padded and very comfortable.

Having a bag that you have registered online and knowing that no matter what, it has a lifetime warranty is a nice way to add some peace of mind to your trips (Still the people from Osprey haven’t answer my e-mail when asking where to buy a replacement for my shoulder strap, this is something I do not like… I might give them credit and try contacting them againRead on for an update!).

Well Padded Handle, Osprey Farpoint 40

On my first trip with the Osprey, I thought Why don’t we give the kids a break? I’ll divide the load of their stuff with my husband. On one side this shows the backpack rocks! It carried my clothes, my electronics, my liquids and one of my kid’s things too. On the other side, it made it too heavy.

As a result, I had an extra allowance for a bag, so I added a cross-body handbag. This meant mom’s second bag also carried heavy stuff: games, magazines, Kindle, passports, point&shoot, chocolates, you name it. Lesson learnt: no more cross-bodies for me; unless its rolled inside the backpack and used exclusively at destination (and this is still in force, more than ever, and kids carry their own, no more mercy).

We walked short distances carrying the backpack, when walking longer I used the hip belt a lot to ease the weight (more than the sternum strap, to be honest, and I still do, always more the sternum strap). However, if you have to walk long distances, and have already passed the security controls at the airport, or do not have to go through them, do consider placing the laptop inside the main body of the backpack, instead of using its “natural compartment”, it helped me so much to feel it less heavy (don’t do this anymore… it makes really very little difference).

Update about Customer Service: I’ve sent them a quick e-mail after losing my shoulder strap, which I really missed. Well, it turns out their lifetime guarantee is a plus: I received a new strap in less than a week and with no costs whatsoever Still need me to say more about why this backpack is awesome?

All in all, I’d give this bag a 4.7 stars out of 5… and yes I would recommend it. And yes, I’d totally buy it again. Yes!


Feature List (from Osprey’s website)

  1. Reverse mesh back-panel with spacer mesh harness/hip belt

  2. Padded laptop sleeve

  3. Sternum strap with emergency whistle

  4. StraightJacket™ compression

  5. Zip away harness and hip belt

  6. Internal compression strap system

  7. Internal key attachment clip

  8. Internal mesh side pocket

  9. Internal organisation pocket

  10. Panel zip access to main compartment with lockable zipper


What we use:

Mom: Osprey Farpoint 40 + Kipling Challenger (for my photo equipment) or eBags Piazza crossbody.

Dad: Osprey Porter 46 + LowePro Fastpack 350 for his photo equipment.

Filippo (10 y/o): Cabin Max London (33 L) (This little monster rocks too!).

Federico (6 y/o): Jack Wolfskin Berkeley junior (23 L).



  • Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter™ two quarter cubes, two small cubes, two big cubes
  • Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter™ one compression quarter cube
  • Other packing cubes (Ikea are good, but not the best)

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Osprey Farpoint 40 Osprey Why is this the best backpack.



 I was not paid nor I received any compensation, product or incentive to write my review, nor I am a sponsor or an Osprey Ambassador. I bought the backpack myself and all the opinions, photos and descriptions are my own honest ideas about it.  

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