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Hello Travello

Upon our arrival from Berlin, lots of great news were waiting for us. Among them, one we want to share since it will provide great value for our readers: The Tiny Book has been named official Travello Ambassador.

Why is this great news, you wonder? First of all it means being recognized. We have put lots of effort this year in making our Instagram Account grow. I tried hard (though I was not always able to…) to publish the best possible travel photos and grow my community of followers. It still is a very hard task, which takes me hours some days, but at the end of last year I started to see good results.

And what I love the most of it all is that I made amazing – and I mean truly a-m-a-z-i-n-g- friends!. But it also meant being taken into account to represent this brand. And this makes me happy, proud and appreciated.


What is Travello?

And… all this fuss? You may still be wondering. I’m getting to it… Being a travel blogger, being on the go and working online has enormous advantages, but one big drawback, you find yourself alone. And this happens more often than you wish. Being a family of travelers, you tend to close even more at times, because you think you have all you need within your family… Well, nothing farther from truth.

When you have kids and also travel socialization is vital. All the friends they do not get attending a regular school can only be made when you travel, on the road. Therefore you need, you must connect.

Getting in touch with other travel families is not a piece of cake. As wonderful as it might sound, homeschooling is not as spread as solo travel or couples trotting the Globe. Contact with other travel families is utterly necessary. Yet, how do you connect with other people traveling “your way” when you arrive to a new city? A new country?

When the language is a barrier and making local friends can take time? Travello comes to the rescue. It has come to help you connect and stay in touch with other families like ours, with the same passion for travel, basically in your same situation! 

This outstanding App was created by travelers and is completely free.

Travello helps travelers to get in touch in any place they are. Any city, new country upon arrival, a remote town. Anywhere in the World… You are in good company. It allows you to connect, to explore destinations, to interact with other users on the discussion board and with other travelers that share your interests. A night out for a pizza with new people? More kids to improvise a birthday party? Now you can.


Solo traveler sometimes. Official travello app ambassadors

Solo traveler sometimes, less “solo” with Travello.

And if you travel solo?

I sometimes do, and no matter how I love it, when it’s dinner time I sometimes skip my meal just to avoid eating alone. So here’s my solution.

I bet I can find any blogger mom traveling solo, attending some tourism exhibition, in desperate need to share a table for dinner. What about connecting with other bloggers? Networking… even growing your business.

Life has taught me that anything comes out from a chat. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Upon submitting our application to become ambassadors, after crossing our fingers to be chosen, we downloaded the App and tested it in Berlin. I must say it looks amazing. Useful and simple to use… you can even set it to get notifications when new people get to town…

And you can extend it to your social networks getting in touch with your own contacts, just connect using your Facebook or Twitter profile. It’s amazing. You will be hearing more of it through us. Who knows..? If you download it, we could meet on the road one day, or when we travel to the city where you are. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell me your travel story sharing a drink?

Let me invite you to follow Tiny Book. Help us keep growing in Instagram and Facebook accounts. Reach us, also through Travello (Look for Tiny Book). we will be happy to hear all about your trips. 


Download the Travello App from the App Store

Download the Travello App from Google Play


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