Discovering Egypt in Berlin

Neues museum with children


One of the coldest days in Berlin. Countless stops for hot chocolate in search of comfort. Nothing was helping, such cold weather requested drastic measures. Walking in the cold gets uncomfortable even for curious kids. Who would have guessed a stop in a museum was going to be a blessing? A much needed pause that brought back smile and joy to tired kids. A visit to the Neues Museum (New Museum) with kids is a must when you are in Berlin with your family and your children are curious about history.


Neues Museum With Children

Four thousand years of History. A journey in the era of Pharaohs.

Entering the Museum, handing the headsets to them… As magic, their tiredness faded away. They were absorbed, carried away at their own pace through the lanes of time. The audio guide made them autonomous and curious.

They appreciated the possibility of listening to the same explanation more than once. Their attention was high and their engagement visible. The audio guide was our choice, it offers clear background information, enhancing the experience (the museum also offers guided tours). We followed our rhythm and it was great. Fascinating objects and artwork from Ancient History. Fascinated kids are happy kids.

A piece from the Collection of Classic Times


The Neues conserves three important collections:


  • The Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection

  • The Museum of Prehistory and Early History

  • The Collection of Classical Antiques

The Neues is on Museum Island (Museumsinsel) and the offer is exciting. We chose it as Egypt is a powerful charmer for kids imagination. There, children can discover the Ancient World choosing from a range of activities, even try on ancient garments, and play ancient games. There are activities for kids to decipher the oldest writing in the world and a trip through the Realm of the Dead in the Egyptian section. There are multimedia guides for children. It makes the journey more engaging.

Th collection in the Museum of Prehistory and Early History contains more than 340,000 objects. It showcases the cultural development of Europe from the Palaeolithic to the High Middle Ages.

The Bust of Nefertiti. “A Beautiful Woman in the Neues”



On the second floor there is the most important piece in the Museum. The bust of Queen Nefertiti (its name means stands for A beautiful woman has come) is in a special room. Dimmed lights protect and enhance the sculpture as well (you can’t take photos in this room).

The artwork is absolutely outstanding. Its famous beauty had kept my curiosity alive through the years. A beauty of which I was not so certain about when seeing it in books. A beauty I was able to catch in full. Seeing the sculpture inches away from me made me change my mind.

Her traits are soft and delicate, her neck is perfect, close to real. The mouth is defined, the colors alive, the black lines intense. It was one of the most exciting and vivid moments at the Neues. The shape of the room, the strength of the display and the allure in the piece itself are surprising. Seeing my kids captured by Nefertiti, playing the audio-guide again and again, was a true joy.

More Egypt

Egyptology and archaeological discoveries were another step. Children were fascinated by the stories of explorers and discoveries. Old time papyrus, personal objects and diaries also absorbed their attention. It approached them to a world of science and field research too distant before the visit.

At the end of our visit, to my amazement a few hours later, the kids were excited (and thankful!) for the stop. The enthusiasm was the best reward ever. Hearing my six-year old whispering to his brother “It was the best part of Berlin, wasn’t it?”, made me proud, happy and more positive than ever about home education. If you teach children with freedom, if you trust them… they learn more.


Entrance, Neues Museum.

Entrance, Neues Museum.

Children at the Neues Museum - The Tiny Book in Berlin

Telling us what the guides says…


The audio tour for the Neues is excellent and free. It can be set in any language, and you can follow your own path, at your own pace, listening to all the explanations in the order you decide.

Neues Museum: Museum Island,  Bodestraße 10178 Berlin.

Getting to the museum: 

  • U-Bahn U6 (Friedrichstraße)

  • S-Bahn S1, S2, S3 (Friedrichstraße); S5, S7, S75 (Hackescher Markt)

  • Tram M1, 12 (Am Kupfergraben); M4, M5, M6 (Hackescher Markt)

12 € / 6 € – Children free.


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