Nepal  25- IV – 2015. I guess it took me so long to write because I really didn’t want to write about it, I didn’t want to gather any information, nor see any more devastating pictures of lonely children, torn down buildings, and broken memories.

Earthquake Nepal. The days after the Earthquake: Nepal

All I hear about these days are people saying Oh! I was there in 19…(fill in the blanks), I can’t believe such beauty is destroyed now. I agree, it’s a pity, a tremendous loss, a loss impossible to recover from.

However, all I wish I could hear people saying would be more like Oh! I was there in 19…(fill in the blanks), I wish I was there now to give a hand…

Well some good news, there are people there giving a hand and they would really appreciate your helping them: Would you like to give a hand? Take a look at Human Traction (The adventures of a small N.G.O. in Nepal).

This Italian orgHuman Traction activities in Nepal. The days after the Earthquake: Nepalanization settled in Nepal in 2011 to offer support about 20 orphan children in a village within the Kathmandu Valley. The good news about them is that after the quake, the structured they built went completely undamaged, still offering shelter, photo-voltaic energy, food and comfort to children as well as help from people living in the village.

Currently, they are facing all kinds of difficulties to communicate, therefore used all available methods they can to let us know what they’re doing with the money you’re sending them. This morning they were able to get online and post a few pictures of what they are doing. Why don’t we give them a hand? Nepal children would really appreciate it.  Thank you and as they said this morning: Let’s hope Lord Shiva says a few good words on our behalf.

Visit Nepal – Kathmandu Valley

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