Korcula Island: A gem in the Adriatic sea

A fairytale kingdom exists on an island in the Adriatic. This Mediterranean island is home to a fortified, enchanting city that belongs to Croatia: Korcula. If you’ve already seen Dubrovnik, you will find Korcula Island is a condensed version of it. Yet, more compact and even more charming. If you haven’t visited Dubrovnik, here is a chance to discover its magnificent sibling. Alluring Korcula boasts a sparkling coast, a picturesque medieval city, and provides another side of travel. Korcula is more than an island where to relax on the beach. And it’s more than having to go out in search of a cultural adventure. Korcula Island has it all, and by cruising through, you can see a handful of other Adriatic gems too!

Korcula island from the sea.

Korcula Island: What to see

Upon arriving, head to the Cathedral of St. Mark to see its impressive bell tower and some spectacular views. Although climbing all the way to the top may prove challenging, it’s a rewarding experience. Don’t miss the Revelin Tower either, it’s the one that greets all visitors on their approach. The Walls of the city offer an excellent walking tour on the cobbled streets. You’ll discover quaint corners full of history and bound to inspire you. Next is the Bishop’s Palace on Sveti Marko Square and the Bishop’s Treasury Museum that is housed within. Here, relics and artifacts tell a unique story. You might want to know that this is historical building is still the home to the local parish priest. A great example of history coexisting with the present, modern day.

Korcula island: Revelin tower

Revelin Tower.

Korcula Island: What to do

A wine tour to explore the many wineries of the vicinity is one of the top highlights. Lumbarda village is a good choice for sampling the best of the local wines. It is essentially an old fishing village approximately 5 km from Korcula Old Town, nestled in a bay with verdant hillsides in the background and surrounded by sandy vineyards. White wines are Korcula’s forte, so if you are a fan of white wine, be sure to put visiting Lumbarda on your list.

Streets of Korcula island.

Streets in town.

’If you have the need to visit a beach, then let that be Pupnatska Luka, Peljesac or Orebic beaches, all looking pretty amazing. However, reviews of visitors are somewhat conflicted, saying that the beaches, despite their natural beauty, are spoiled due to not being maintained to cope with the tourist volume they receive. So, a cruise from Dubrovnik to Korcula island is the best way to see it all! It will reveal a myriad of beach-worthy moments as you can combine swim stops in crystal clear waters and still relax on the clean deck of the vessel. You can also take advantage of the optional excursions that are provided, and get a well-rounded experience of the best of the Adriatic island in absolute ease, style and comfort.

Orebic beach. Korcula island

Orebic beach, Korcula Island.

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Korcula Island. Pin it! 

Korcula island, a gem in the Adriatic (Croatia), read more!

Korcula island, a gem in the Adriatic (Croatia), read more!

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