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Hotels & Resorts

Reinvent the Guest Experience

Hotels and Resorts are exploring innovative communication strategies to attract new guests and better engage with existing customers.

Collaborations with Hotels and Resorts: When it comes to hospitality, trends are everything. A seasonal industry relying on several unpredictable variables improves performance due to a wise interaction with influencers and opinion leaders.

You’ve probably heard about turning customers into brand ambassadors. But, are you aware of how much influential power travel bloggers have over their target audience? Travel blogging creates powerful content that consumers like, share, tweet, pin and follow…

Collaboration with Hotels and Resorts. Explore innovative communication strategies in order to attract new guests and better engage with existing customers. Do your customers really engage with bloggers?

They do…  It all comes down to trust. Bloggers influence the audience in the oldest possible fashion, reinvented and as alive as ever: word of mouth. An influence that’s fueled by authentic engagement with the audience. They perceive us as one of them because… we are one of them! This makes has a decisive impact on booking decisions.

Why us?

As a travel blogger, it is fundamental to engage with my audience in terms of honesty and simplicity. I discover and introduce new possibilities to a wide audience. An experience that enhances the voice of your brand.

My mission is to help you integrate powerful online marketing strategies to attract the most loyal clients. A unique approach that will give an extra edge, swinging booking decisions in your favor.

Top hospitality trends

Stay connected… the first step to success in social media.

Deliver meaningful content to your audience, they will naturally share it with their friends. This way, you will be building loyalty and trust while your content will be reaching new audiences. Explore innovative communication strategies to attract new guests and better engage with existing customers. 

Collaborations with Hotels and Resorts: How we can help

No matter where someone stays or why they’re traveling, there is an aspirational quality to travel. Get your audience to imagine themselves enjoying the service they imagine when they think of their trip – or better: Show them! 


We emphasize the quality of the experience,  pairing it with our readers’ desires and expectations, to create a powerfully differentiated content that stands out from the rest. Travel bloggers that “love to travel” are everywhere. Trend leaders working for your brand… not that much! We don’t claim we know better, we just know.

There are several ways you can engage with a new audience:

  • Ask us about ads and banners.
  • Submit your advertorial: You will gain exposure to thousands of new readers. If you are not sure about how to do so, I can send you a few tips. If still uncertain, I can do the job!
  • Host a Press Trip: Your post will be originally written by The Tiny Book. I will review your product, service or destination and my opinion will remain unbiased.

Get in touch, I’d love to hear your ideas for a collaboration!

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