Foodie Central – NYC Guide to Best Food and Drinks

by Roxana Oliver
Guide to Best Food and Drinks in New York: In New York and looking for a bite to grab?
Look no further! Here is the only list you will need to find your way through the concrete jungle and fill up with all the best food around.
So let’s see: What do you feel like eating?


It’s as American as apple pie: a good burger can take many different shapes and forms, but there are some places that do it just right.

Shake Shack

Don’t shake your head; we all know that Shake Shack does burgers quick and good. They have a lot of locations and they are the perfect place to go for an easy meal on the go. It’s as convenient as they get, so if you’re looking for a solid, classic burger, they’re the place to go.

Foodie Central – NYC Guide to Best Food and Drinks

NY Burger

The Spotted Pig

if you want something that will fill your stomach while also blowing your mind, you don’t want to skip The Spotted Pig. They have an amazing menu and their fries are the most addictive thing you’ll try in the whole state.


If you want something that will make your mouth water from the sight of it alone, then you will want to check out these pastrami places:

Pastrami Queen

The name says it all. It is the place to be for all of your pastrami needs. They have a wide variety of different meats and vegetarian options for any vegetarian friends you might want to bring along.

Katz’s Delicatessen

This is some seriously good food. No additives and slow-cured meat make for the best flavors your mouth will every taste, and you will not want to stop.

Foodie Central – NYC Guide to Best Food and Drinks

NY Bagels


Sure, they’re a great breakfast food, but bagels can be enjoyed any time and for any occasion. People say there’s no such thing as a bad bagel, but if you want to be safe, this is where to go:

Murray’s Bagels

Made by hand and with a lot of love, you won’t be able to stop at just one bagel. The perfect texture will have you coming back again and again.

L&E bagels

If you’re looking for something quick and easy to pick up on the go because you didn’t have time for breakfast, these are your guys. It’s not the best, but it’s definitely traditional and always fresh.


People love their ramen, and it’s really not that surprising: there are literally countless combinations, but you know that if the broth is good, everything else will be good too.
Foodie Central – NYC Guide to Best Food and Drinks

What about some ramen?

Ippudo Ramen

The most traditional ramen in town: their always perfect bowls will make you feel like you are getting a warm hug with every slurp.

Yuji Ramen

Steer away from the traditional and go for their bacon and egg ramen. It will combine the best of both worlds in such an amazing way you will end up craving it more often than you imagine!


Got a sweet tooth? You’re in luck, because so do a lot of people from NYC, resulting in a huge variety of different dessert spots.

Foodie Central – NYC Guide to Best Food and DrinksSugar Sweet Sunshine

It’s in the name, folks. This place is as sweet as they get and you will want to visit for the atmosphere just as much as for the cupcakes (which are fantastic!).

Ample Hills Creamery

If you want some ice cream, this is the place to go. The texture is unbelievably airy and you will want to try all of their flavors to find your favorite.

City Bakery

You can’t say you’ve been to New York if you haven’t visited this place. They make amazing marshmallows that you can enjoy with the most perfect cup of hot chocolate in town.


Who wouldn’t like to end their day with a few cocktails? If you are looking for some truly unique experiences, here’s where to look:

Death & Company

This place is seriously different in the way that will make you feel luxurious just by visiting. They have amazing bartenders that make top-of-the-line craft cocktails, so go give it a try.


Planning an event in this town can be an absolute mess, but these guys have you covered. Their amazing New York catering service will bring their selection of classic and craft cocktails right to your doorstep, and they will even pair them with the perfect food.

Foodie Central – NYC Guide to Best Food and Drinks

NY Drinks


Sit down and have a pint of some unique craft beers and let yourself be amazed with the new flavors.


These guys pride themselves on having the most unique, rare beers in the city, and there are very few places which dare to challenge them for that title.

Blind Tiger

One of the original craft breweries in the city, the Blind Tiger will give you an authentic craft beer experience you will not want to miss!

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