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Fifty thousand shades of Samui. Even when you are not a rainy person and, therefore, rain is not your cup of tea, when a place is full of beauty, it’s always hard to leave.

Samui didn’t have the colors of the Sun. This is what happened with Samui. We were not able to have a blast on the famous beaches, though nature was everywhere. We visited immense jungles with all kinds of greens. If I were to use a word to describe this island I wouldn’t use rain, water, humid or wet. I’d use green! All shades of green: apple, malachite, mint, artichoke, pea, lime, dark, meadow, cyan, teal, avocado, grass, hill, alga, mantis, pepper, deep, bright, fluorescent, jungle, olive, fresh. Samui had been refreshing, calming, restoring. Samui had been sweet. And green.


The red roof of a temple hidden among the green exuberance of Samui.

The red roof of a temple hidden among the green exuberance of Samui.

Certain coins can buy my love. On our last day, I decided I wanted to buy some local products to get home, but rain was not going to give us a break, so we ended up in a gigantic mall.

It was obvious: my kids and my husband wandered about trying incredible arcades, electronic games, visiting computer shops and toy stored. Me? I lost myself in bookstores for hours. The fact is that being Thailand so convenient, and having them so many books in English, it was hard to keep my credit card in place. I kept repeating myself: “Remember you’re flying carry on only”. Still, I bought a few cookbooks (I must know how to prepare stir fry and papaya salad), a novel about Bangkok, some about Thailand and many, many notebooks (Hey, I am a travel writer after all!).

Koh Samui, Thailand.


On our last day, as we were preparing to return to Bangkok, we were coming and going to get our bags ready, trying not to leave anything behind. Trying hard to in time for breakfast and the ferry at the pier. The skies were tremendously black and we didn’t know if a heavy storm could have stopped us from reaching the mainland.

All of a sudden, our tiny Federico was missing. It was impossible to find him anywhere. I thought he was, as usual, making fun of us… I started looking for him in silence, without calling his name, as if I do call his name he hides even better and that’s it, I never find him again. Nothing, he was nowhere to be seen. Starting to worry, I went down the stairs that lead from our rooms to the pool. In that moment, and with the corner of my eye I saw a compact little figure in elephant pants, totally motionless and in complete silence, serious and in deep thought, standing near a spirit house. I took a thousand silent pictures with my phone, since it was one of the most tender images I can recall from him, and then I quietly talked to him: “Fede, what are you doing?” “I’m just praying, mom. Praying for I always want to be together with my favorite family.”

Traveling Kids in Thailand: "Fede, what are you doing?" "I'm just praying, mom. Praying for I always want to be together with my favorite family."

“Fede, what are you doing?” “I’m just praying, mom. Praying for I always want to be together with my favorite family.”

These bananas are WOW! Bananas from Koh Samui

These bananas are WOW!

Dream came for us with his usual smile and a bag full of banana snacks for our kids. Yes, there had been some very funny communication issues during these days; however, one thing was certain, on some key subjects we had been able to understand each other. I had understood he had lost his mom, he missed her and he was in a way seeing himself reflected in my kids when he was young. How can I know that? I feel it, I felt it when after leaving us at the peer, he took my hand and placed an old, big, silver coin on it. It was shiny and very heavy. It was a Thai coin and it had the face of their King. I was not supposed to spend it or lose it. It was for me to always remember him, to bring me luck and to protect our family. He wanted me to have it for he had spent a good time with us.

Tears came up to my eyes and that funny lump in my throat did not let any word come out. I could only hug him and thank him for his Thainess. Our last day in Bangkok was about to begin. Samui had not been as bad as I had thought.

… because this is what Thainess is all about.


Thai friends. Port of Koh Samui.

Thai friends. Port of Koh Samui.

Traveling to Samui any time soon? Need a knowledgeable, sweet taxi driver? He might not excel in English but he is a gentleman! Do get in touch by private message, I’ll put you in contact with our Dream.

If you plan so spend a few days in Koh Samui, check accommodation here.

Next stop: Bangkok (can I be any happier?)

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Green Jungle, Koh Samui. Gulf of Thailand.



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