Enjoy family moments in Greece

Can you name your top priority when deciding about family holidays? Well, in our case at least, during the scorching Summer season we’ll definitely need a beach place or seashore venue. At least for our family, being next to the sea is the ideal and natural way to cool down, exercise and relax (if not the only one!). And, when an amazing scene combines with family oriented facilities that redefine the meaning of Greek hospitality, then our choice is simple: Crete or Corfu… or maybe – why not? – somewhere in between…

Family moments in Greece. Private shore

Stunning view of an Aegean shore.

We will always choose Crete

Family Moments in Greece

The alluring beach of Ammoudara, Heraklion.

Crete is a blessed land and we can never get enough of it. We enjoy our visits to the Northern coast, less windy than the South of the island. What’s more, the Northern area can also be enjoyed even when Southern strong winds are raving. Rethymno will charm you, as it did with us. The beauty of Chania will impress you too. Yet, Heraklion will offer your family the best of both worlds. Heraklion has an amazing long shore, both stretching to the East and to the West of its center.

One of the most outstanding places in Heraklion is the area right before Ammoudara. And once there, there is a place you must see: Creta Beach resort. I feel I cannot recommend this place enough. A comfortable single level resort with impressive patio views into the great blue Aegean. Its bungalows are right on the sandy beach… which gave me and my husband absolute peace of mind as we were able to watch our kids and still enjoy our stay.

Instead, if you need some adult-time, you will love the Civitel’s family concept. They will keep the little ones busy, stimulating their curiosity by means of various fun and educational activities. With a fantastic beach as a daily horizon, and thrilling activities for the young ones, just add the all-inclusive mouth-watering Cretan cuisine. The result is a wonderful recipe for family Summer success! We strongly recommend this resort for small families.

Family moments on a private seashore, Greece.

Bungalows on the ground level offer an amazing seashore horizon.

Corfu passes the test too!

Family Travel Greece - Corfu, Capo di Corfu

Sun sets over the seaside resort of Capo di Corfu.

There should be no confusion… Corfu is another great contender for family moments on a private seashore, and it is our next destination as well!

If you are part of a large family, let me suggest you a visit to a special place: Capo di Corfu resort. This site is ideal even for families with many members, so you won’t have to leave anyone behind! Located on the south side of Corfu, right next to the golden beach of Agios Petros, Capo di Corfu is one of the best choices for a family oriented escape in the Ionian.

The offer includes spacious rooms bathed in sunlight and gorgeous seaside restaurants. Landscapes of natural beauty will amaze adults, while the pristine golden beach will be the right scenario for hours of fun for children.

Modern facilities, luxurious levels of comfort and a phenomenal seashore place form an integrated accommodation concept that will be fully enjoyed by guests of all ages. In addition, adults can experience couple spa treatments as well as beauty treatments while children up to 11 take advantage of this current offer and stay in the resort for free. Do you still have to think about it?

Family Moments in Greece. Beach travel to Greece, Crete, Corfu, Santorini

Panoramic of your horizon at Capo di Corfu. Simply stunning.

Get to see the in between

Family Moments in Greece - The famous Vai beach in Crete, brought to you via Variety Cruises.

The famous Vai beach in Crete, brought to you via Variety Cruises.

If your main intention is to chill out and relax during your family holiday, just make up your mind and visit any of the aforementioned resorts. Both of them will provide unforgettable family moments to take back home with you.

However, if your family is seeking for an adventure, if the explorer in you is dying to get out… If you are thirsty for new views, exciting locations, and different destinations every day, then you can select a cruise full of Aegean colours. Put the least amount of effort with the greatest outcome: Thirteen gorgeous destinations in 14 days will offer countless visuals and images you and your kids will treasure for ever. Each destination is a private seashore for you.

Activities for kids on board are limited. But you are a Tiny Book reader, so you already have a bag packed with activities for your kids for them not to get bored. The main attraction on a cruise is simply to enjoy the beauty of a smooth sailing…  A beauty that can be fully enjoyed by kids too*!

*This cruise is suitable for kids aged 12 and over.

Family travel in Greece - The Galileo cruiser docking in Santorini.

The Galileo cruiser docking in Santorini.

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Family Moments in Greece - The Aegean


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