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Family Holidays in Cape Verde

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind if you think about a destination like Cape Verde? Strangely enough, you will discover it is not a cape at all in the geographical sense. Cape Verde or Cabo Verde is a cluster of islands with a peculiar beauty, just off the northwestern coast of Africa. And a trip to Cape Verde makes a fantastic destination for family holidays.

Enclosed by a heritage that’s half African and half Portuguese, this amalgam of cultures also shows in a physical form. These islands are tropical in temperament, while slightly rugged too. This gives them a strange wilderness seldom seen in more conventional tropical locations. And with so much to see and do, Cape Verde is a real hidden paradise waiting for you to explore.

Family Holidays in Cape Verde - Crystal clear waters grace the shores of Cape Verde.

Fogo from above!

A good option to see it all? Cruise around them!

Saying Cape Verde is a collection of natural wonders would probably be a succinct description. Rocky, alluring, surrounded by lush greens and turquoise waters, the islands are a popular destination for boutique cruises.

Sailing is the best way to explore every hidden cove, secluded beaches, and secret treasures. And sailing will give you and your family the chance to get close enough while enjoying the ever-changing visuals of rustic splendour.

Family Holidays in Cape Verde - Praia. Wide, powdery beach (© TheTurducken)

Praia. Wide, powdery beach (© TheTurducken).

What to do in Cape Verde

Not sure about cruising? Don’t worry! A trip to Cape Verde doesn’t have to be exclusively a floating holiday. Teens as much as parents enjoy the popular water-sport culture of wind and kite surfing on the coast of Santa Maria. There are promising diving locations in the exotic waters of Cape Verde, brimming with colorful marine life.

The islands offer a wide choice in terms of in land activities too. Explore local trails by foot and at your own pace: walk, trek or hike. Try them alone if you are feeling extra adventurous or stay on the safe side and opt for a guided tour.

Dare to explore Cape Verde -Family Holidays in Cape Verde

Dare to explore Cape Verde.

The Black, the Green and the Blue

In any case, three are the places I urge you to visit. Three incredible sites of natural beauty you will only find in Cape Verde: Pico do Fogo, Parque de Monte, and Buracona. Let me tell you about them.

Pico do Fogo (the Black)

Located on Fogo island, meaning ‘Island of Fire’ in Portuguese, it is home to a stratovolcano that rises about 3000 m above the sea. Take your kids to an unforgettable excursion, reach the top of the volcano, visit the black crater and a landscape paved by lava spews of the past. There is a village situated near the peak, on the caldera, that has emerged from ancient eruptions; it’s called Chà das Calderas and there you can stop for lunch or refreshment after your hike.

Family Holidays in Cape Verde- Pico Fogo, another view (©Imke Stahlmann).

Pico Fogo. (©Imke Stahlmann).

An interesting fact: the barren-looking mountain slopes are actually used to grow coffee, while the lava plays a fundamental role as building material. A perfect example of how the locals fully use the natural resources resulting in sustainability.

Tip: Make sure to carry a hat and use sunscreen, the sun can get overwhelming against the black volcanic landscape.

Parque de Monte Gordo (the Green)

Parque natural do monte_by sonjaj- Family Holidays in Cape Verde

Parque Natural do Monte (©Sonjaj).

On the island of Sao Nicolau you find the protected area of Parque Natural de Monte Gordo, with a height of 1312 m. A rarity in nature, it’s home to a variety of flora and fauna. The natural richness of Parque de Monte Gordo is impressive, there is a great diversity of endemic ecosystems, and it’s an eco-tourist attraction, classified as a natural reserve of biodiversity for the region.

Start your hike on a track path and walk past beautiful forests as the road goes up. It then turns into a steep trail that crosses thick green woods. This area is home to the imposing Dragoeiro tree. But don’t get confused as we did! This is not a tree related to the Dracaena cinnabari, the dragon blood tree native to Socotra (remember?). You will come across this strange tree as you observe the native vegetation.

Dragon Tree - Family Holidays in Cape Verde

Dragon Tree.

If you pay close attention, you will also come across large boilers, lava cones and surprising volcanic formations. Eventually the trail reaches a summit where you can do some birdwatching, ride horses or have a picnic with a view!

Tip: Bring plenty of water with you and a picnic cloth to sit down on.

Buracona (the Blue)

Buracona, Sal. Family travel Cape Verde.

Buracona, Sal.

The spectacular blue wonder of Buracona is a natural pool created thanks to ages of rock erosion, as the sea relentlessly pounds into the headland, day in and day out. Located on the northwest side of the island of Sal, one of the sunniest in Cape Verde, the lagoon is a natural aquatic formation. And it is so alluring you’ll have to resist diving into its lapis lazuli waters. The volcanic mainland of the bay is full of craters, crevices and caves so you can explore the concealed depths below.

There is a particular hole known as The Blue Eye because of the oval shape of the opening and the blue waters in the deep. The distinct electric blue is only vibrant when the sun is shining directly down on it. It you are as fussy as me with photography and look for a shot of the perfect blue, avoid this visit on a cloudy day. Instead, you can perhaps come back when it’s sunny to fully experience it.

Another very popular activity in the area is diving, however it can get really crowded, so better check with a local guide or a diving instructor beforehand. The island of Sal is rich in marine life, make yourself a holiday gift and dive to enjoy the view of the amazing sea turtles.

Tip: Swell waves can get quite powerful here, so expect some sea spray especially on a windy day.

Family Holidays in Cabo Verde. A gracious green turtle hovering over some Cape Verde reefs...

A gracious green turtle hovering over the reefs of Cape Verde. 

Don’t miss a chance to explore the huge variety of interesting spots around Cape Verde islands, we have trusted Variety Cruises again!  And this is because they turn trips into a vast collection of new and unprecedented visuals. Cape Verde was full of rustic and tropic wonders.
This cruise is for kids +12.

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 Family Holidays in Cape Verde

Cabo Verde Family Holidays.


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