Cliffs of Bliss

Three dramatic backdrops that will leave you in awe

Traveling is becoming a global trend and options are endless; as a result, we get more and more picky about the destinations we choose. Our requests become increasingly demanding about that desire to explore. The equation is simple: no matter how pretty it could be, yet another gorgeous sandy beach doesn’t cut it anymore. We need something more intriguing, something that instantly captures us, taking our breath away. A place that feeds our minds with endless pictures to replay. Over and over again. That something that leaves us in utter awe. We must go further. And a dramatic cliff or two (… or even three!) should do the trick nicely.

Feast your eyes, the lunar caldera of Santorini

Cliffs of Bliss, Santorini, Caldera.

Possibly the most famous cliff in the world, Santorini Caldera is a natural masterpiece. Every demanding traveler should include this visit in a personal bucket-list. The volcano that erupted years and years ago created a natural work of art, scenario of most settlements in Santorini, all of them perched like small white pearls on the top of the rusty-red cliff. The rocky curtain that drops from the top of the island, down into the depths of the Aegean, creates a vibrant array of multi level paths and natural terraces full of colour and texture. There is another location on the island that shares a similar cliff-like landscape: Vlychada (or Gaudi beach), a beach with immense background rocks that seem to have been pulled down by a swift with extreme force.

With such characteristics, it’s not strange that Santorini welcomes thousand of visitors every year. The island proudly boasts one of the most immaculate sunsets you could ever experience. No words or pictures can ever do justice to it. The sun going down behind the caldera will leave you in astonishment.

In terms of activities, there are lots of things to do in Santorini; sightseeing comes first, but there are also excursions and wine-tasting tours. You can stroll about the little villages or even do some exercise. There are museums to visit and a varied offer of water sports too, like diving and sailing, to name a few. The list goes on.

Yet, Santorini’s most astonishing attraction, the volcano in the sunset hours, requires very little effort: simply book a stay in one of the amazing luxury suites with direct sunset view, there you will have this magnificent vista, all for yourself, from the luxury of your own terrace.

Sunset, Santorini. Cliffs of Bliss.


Cliffs of Bliss, Santorini.


Beach in Santorini. Cliffs of Bliss


Explore the vastness, the Rock of Gibraltar

Cliffs of Bliss, Gibraltar

One of the most impressive cliffs you will ever come across is the imposing, monolithic Rock of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a composition of natural beauty and cultural diversity together with the most fascinating history. This variety is the very essence of this British Overseas Territory, it spans from the obvious British, Portuguese and Spanish as well as Italian, Maltese and Moroccan, among others. The dramatic promontory stands as a landmark, bringing all this diversity together, under one massive roof, like no other place in the world.

It takes you just 5 minutes to reach the top of the rock with the cable car, once there you can admire views from 400 m above the sea level, exploring the reach of two continents, Africa and Europe; the Atlantic, the Mediterranean; and three countries: Morocco, Spain and Portugal. An idea? Embark on a boutique cruise liner and sail around in ease and style. Do not miss an excursion up to the monumental cliff on the southern end of the Iberian peninsula, taking in all it offers.

Among its most well-known visitors, John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married at the foot of the promontory in 1969. On the other hand, the most famous inhabitants are the Barbary macaques (also known as magots, unique for their distribution out of Asia and introduced in Gibraltar from Morocco). You can see them roaming the area, quite strange if you think that they are the only free-ranging monkeys in Europe. Avoid taunting or trying to feed them… let them be. We are the ones invading their home!


Gibraltar, Family of macaques relaxing under the sun. Cliffs of Bliss

Gibraltar, family of macaques relaxing under the sun.


Surrender your senses, Corfu’s crumbling cliffs

View of the Bay of Pelekas from the top of the Village of Pelekas.

View of the Bay of Pelekas (Kontogialos) from the top of the Village of Pelekas.

I suppose you never expected dramatic cliffs in… Corfu. Guess again, there is a cliff to be enjoyed! Pamper yourself with five-star amenities in Pelekas Monastery. This beachside location is wrapped by mesmerizing cliffs that soothe your senses. The beach of Kontogialos is at your feet, the lush and the greenery over the rocky walls accompany the facilities of a superb resort, the Mayor.

This is a dreamy place, the panoramic views of the Ionian sea and a sunset extravaganza will ignite a feeling of spiritual freedom, harmony and peace.

Corfu: Beach of Pelekas at the bottom of the cliff

Beach of Pelekas at the bottom of the cliff.

The green environment is not exclusive of the area of Pelekas, it belongs to a vast part of Corfu. The mountain village of Pelekas lies 270 m above the sea and offers delightful 360° views from the Kaiser’s Throne!

If you love nature, don’t miss the nearby forest of Arkoudila, thick and dense, it leads up to Cape Asprokavos, a jaw-dropping cliff that plunges directly into the sea. There, hidden in the forest of pines and mastic trees, you will find the old monastery of the Virgin Eleousas, in ruins and dating back to 1710 (used as an arsenal and fortress during the Second World War). There is an almost untraveled path that reaches a secluded beach for a more relaxed sunbathing style. However, if you decide to stay on the top, rest assured of something, the most dramatic sunset ever will fully pay off.

Sunset, Corfu

Glorious sunset in Pelekas.


Random cliffs around Corfu

Corfu and the beauty of its cliffs.


Cliffs of Bliss... with children.

Kids Love Cliffs! (Santorini).


The Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar.


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Cliffs of Bliss

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