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Ethical Travel: Why Do It?

Ethical Travel: Why Do It?

Bits & Pieces, Blog, Contribution Post, Inspiration

Ethical Travel: Why Do It? by Roxana Oliver Ethical Travel is a term that has entered the lexicon of the younger generation. And it is not a term which is difficult to define either. It is travel that’s culturally aware and mindful. It raises awareness about all the important cultural…

Two Ps in a Pod Discovering the 40 Saints above Paxoi and Pelekas

Discovering the 40 saints above Paxoi and Pelekas

Albania, Greek Paradise, Hotels & More, Inspiration

After recently exploring the stunning Ionian and the breath-taking islands of Paxos and Antipaxos (often called Paxoi, in plural, by the locals) it has become clear that the Ionian sea is a new favourite in our Tiny Book. Bitten by the travel bug, and to quench that on-going travel thirst, we traveled north of Paxoi, past the beautiful Corfu, to come across the Forty Saints of the Albanian Riviera.

Temple of Hepahestus, Ancient Agora. Athens Mythological Tour: A walking tour of Ancient Athens

Athens Mythological Tour: Walking Ancient Athens

Athens, From Greece, Greek Paradise, Inspiration, Travel

Why a Mythological Tour of Athens? Endless are the proposals for walking tours in Athens. Yet, as someone who’s grown up listening to the stories of the Gods of the Olympus, I could not choose otherwise. So I go in touch with Alternative Athens and after going through their website, I made up my mind; their mythological proposal was the one I wanted to experience… And it was a wise decision.

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