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work in Progress- The Tiny Book Travel Bucket List

Travel bucket-list

Blog, Musings

A list of destinations on the road, trips and getaways we agreed on visiting soon. Dreams of travel places, activities and landscapes we want to see. A post under permanent change.

Memories from Greece: Souvenirs, bring home a piece of destination.

Memories from Greece

Blog, From Greece, Tips & Tricks, Travel

What souvenirs do you buy when you travel? I collected pins in the past. Now I buy flags, magnets, scarfs and local products like wine, sweets or chocolate. Memories from trips can also be “home-made” when running short of cash.

Lessons learned in Italy. Memories of an Expat

Lessons Learned in Italy

Blog, Italy, Musings

When I left Argentina and moved to Italy I had three suitcases, a one-way ticket and lots of lessons to learn. Getting settled abroad: going to the university, being homesick, trying new food, struggling to fit in. One thing is what you pictured, another one is what you experience.

The Tiny Book Travel and Reading

Travel and Reading

Bits & Pieces, Blog, Travel

Travelers have a favorite book, when we travel we spend lots of time reading. My favorite book is The Little Prince, the first and most authentic traveler.

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