Antiparos is a tiny, luminous Greek island located in the south Aegean. At first sight, traits and colors make the landscape a very typical Cycladic one. Traditional white-washed cubic houses, light blue doors, and cobble-stoned alleys. There’s a difference, though; unlike other popular islands, Antiparos remains private, proud of its secluded status. You won’t see massive hordes of tourists walking around and taking pictures. Instead, tranquil rural fields sharing the landscape with few windmills and churches, Antiparos is not your usual Greek island, and locals are very jealous of this. Moreover, more travelers have started choosing Antiparos as their main holiday destination, leaving more busy islands aside. This is happening with Antiparos, people are choosing Antiparos as their base, making Paros their day trip. They are doing Antiparos the other way round.


Anntiparos the other way round
Laid-back and quiet, Antiparos remains a hidden gem. Just one main road, a short seaside promenade, and a limited nightlife. The island will take you to another dimension. Or, at least, a bit back in time. Antiparos retains that Greek village atmosphere of the early Sixties. A lifestyle made of siestas, bicycles and early morning strolls to the port to bargain for the catch of the day.

Antiparos the other way round
People still go by the streets (well, mostly by the only main road) and greet each other with enough time to spare. Every single day. Sharing a coffee table with locals is normal practice. Being recognized as a newly arrived after is also likely, but they will still greet you as one of them.

Antiparos the other way round
With an extension of about 39 square kilometers, Antiparos is small enough to see in a short time. Either rent a bicycle or a car in a local agency and move around in freedom. The landscape is smooth and will allow you to reach most of the beaches and many secluded areas. Remember, especially if cycling, there are few shops around, bring with you a bottle of water and a hat.

Antiparos the other way round

Antiparos the other way round

Less than a nautical mile from the bigger Paros, it only takes 7 minutes to cross from the Parian port of Pounda. This, together with its relaxed atmosphere, used to make of Antiparos the best day trip to escape from the hustle. However, things are changing. More and more travelers looking for a different holiday choose Antiparos as their base. And turn Paros into their day trip option. They’re doing Antiparos the other way round.

When peaceful gets too peaceful it can be solved with a night out in Paroikia or in Naousa, since you can also cross to Paros with your car on board.

If you still rather go for a quiet nightlife, you can enjoy a drink watching the sunset or simply chill out. Of all the places, one of the best options for this is Sifneiko, right by the sea. Cool music, great cocktails, and the most amazing sunset of Antiparos. Nikos will make sure everything is flawless.

Sifneiko cafe.. sunset in Antiparos - Antiparos the other way round

Perfect for Families

This quiet environment comes along with a great dose of safety. Parents with small kids love to let them wander around in town, knowing that they won’t get lost. All things that make Antiparos a great destination for toddlers or kids that can afford a holiday during the school term. Spring in Antiparos means fields in blossom, a fresh smell of herbs, and the kind of sun a kid’s skin copes with best.

More travelers looking for a different holiday choose Antiparos as their base. And turn Paros into their day trip, doing Antiparos the other way round.
The pedestrian alley of Antiparos’ chora is a gorgeous lane. It’s dotted with beautiful Cycladic houses, all boasting windows decorated with colorful bougainvillea. It’s a village lightened with tasty artisan shops, pretty boutiques, tavernas and cafès. Being the weather warm since the beginning of May, the island reveals as a great place for holidays in unusual months.

Either at the very beginning of the season or at the very end of it, Antiparos is as charming as always.

If you prefer to avoid busy places, (not that the island gets that busy) locals will be happy to welcome you off the peak months of July and August. They will have more time to chat with you and show you the territory they are proud of.

More travelers looking for a different holiday choose Antiparos as their base. And turn Paros into their day trip, doing Antiparos the other way round.
On activities for families, kids will enjoy a trip to the Cave of Antiparos, a boat ride either to Despotiko or around the island, A morning swim in one of the many pristine beaches and, at night, an ice cream at Vicky’s


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Antiparos the other way round


If you want to read more about activities, places to see, where to stay and things to do on the island, stay tuned.

There’s more to come soon about doing Antiparos the other way round!

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