A new partnership with MTX Connect!

People who work while on the road, who travel for business or who want to keep in touch with who remained back home normally come up with incredible strategies to get Wi-Fi coverage. Secret hacks of doubtful success are even more frustrating than no connection at all (in my case those can lead to a nervous break down, but you know me, I go to the extremes!). In general, roaming costs are high, or at least not on the cheap side; ff you have to send an urgent e-mail, for instance, but you can’t connect, things can get rough.

Top up the SIM card according to your needs (…and easily). There are several options to choose from, Pay As You Go, Unlimited, Monthly Pass, etc.  And traffic can be as wide as unlimited with some options. As far as coverage, it works well throughout European countries. I used it in Turkey as well. The company is working on coverage expansion and this is good news for travelers.

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