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Hi, I’m Gabi

Author and Editor, The Tiny BookI am the editor and main author of The Tiny Book. I was born in Argentina and I’ve lived in New York in Milan, places where I ‘ve worked as a translator for tourism and for the fashion industry.

I now live on the Greek island of Crete, where I run this blog, write travel guides and design touristic itineraries around the island. I am also a Product Manager for two international travel companies that promote Greece and local itineraries. I love all of these jobs!

As a travel writer, I collaborate with several online magazines and publications writing about family travel, wine tourism, and Greek destinations. I have published a series of travel apps and I actively work for the promotion of tourism in Greece.

About The Tiny Book

This TINY BOOK is as eclectic as me. It indeed started as a family travel blog, but it soon turned out to be more than that. There are so many more things I do apart from being a mother… most of related to travel.

I’m not only a traveling mom. I also enjoy writing about different other things. Yes, I do write about travel with kids. Yet, my passion for reading, my interest in different cultures and the foodie side of me have revealed other writing needs too.

The Tiny Book About - About GreeceAbout Greece

I cannot say that Greece has been love at first sight because I fell in love with Greece long before I first met her. It all started when as a little girl when my dad used to read me about Greek heroes. I didn’t grow up wanting to become a Cinderella, I wanted to be Pandora. And so this is how I was brought up, among dreams of a land unknown but that I already felt my home. 

And, yes… of course: It’s her. For me, Greece has always been a woman! 

I often write about my Greek love affair, which has grown into a serious relationship, I dare say. So much so that after almost 15 years as an expat in Milan, I decided to try my luck on Crete, for me, the most beautiful island.

The Tiny Book TravelBlog 

About a mom that travels

The Tiny Book TravelBlogBoth my kids have set foot on a plane before turning one. People have been super critical about that. Oh gosh, you can’t even start imagining how much: I never cared.

Spending an afternoon in a London museum taught them more about dinosaurs than school. A morning in Knossos was the best way to awake their curiosity for Ancient Greece. And it’s not just the trip. It is also all research they do before getting there.

Still curious..? 

Being born in Buenos Aires, I suffer from a rare illness: nostalgia for tango and mate (our national drink). Yet, being an expat, as well as a regular traveler, I don’t feel a strong need to go back to Argentina.

My deepest love is Greece. I might be a porteña, my parents have Italian names, but I feel Greek. Or better: Cretan! And that’s one more fact I cannot explain. How do you manage explaining emotions?

I also love languages, I’ve been an English teacher for over twenty years, an activity that went hand in hand with translation. It’s been years since I’m away from a classroom. And yes, I miss teaching a lot.

How many languages do I speak? Well, Spanish, Italian and English, which are my working tools. But I’ve also learned French, Portuguese, a little German and some Hebrew. Now I’m struggling with Greek… and I do hope to keep going. Studying languages is my thing. Nerdy? A bit, I know.

I am in love with Crete and Cretan people. This love affair has seen its dark moments, especially when I met Athens… but Crete cannot be beaten easy. My favorite Cretan thing? Local wines, and raki, of course.

I collect travel guides, but also magnets and scarfs from other countries. I have little time for hobbies, but when I can I read a lot (and reading as a hobby is nothing like reading for work!). I enjoy playing with my Nikon around street markets sometimes!

I’m working on a Travel Guide dedicated to the Cycladic Islands and I’m super excited about it!

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