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Lispsi is a Great Day-Trip Idea (or a destination on its own). Give a chance to less visited places of the Dodecanese, Lipsi is one of those places.

Lipsi, a Great Day-Trip Idea

From Greece, Greek Islands, Greek Paradise

Lipsi is a great day-trip idea (or a destination on its own) Lispsi is one of those tiny, sometimes forgotten, islands in the huge list of Greek destinations. Many believe that more popular islands have become too crowded or even too expensive. They look for remote places in the Ionian…

Best dining in GreeceThe best of Greek gastronomy: Greece, a country able to provide a truly unforgettable holiday, combining succulent gastronomy with sensational landscapes.

The Best of Greek Gastronomy

Athens, From Greece, Hotels & More, World Tastes

When thinking about healthy, summer nutrition, the minds of connoisseurs will subtly travel to the Mediterranean. A place with mild winters and its peak during summer months. Since this is the case, the Mediterranean diet has been formulated around the summer season, brimming with predominantly light yet moreish food options,…

A Luxurious Retreat Spot in Santorini

Greek Islands, Hotels & More

A Luxurious Retreat Spot in Santorini Santorini is able to offer the romantic travelers visuals to last a lifetime. Its most popular locations of Fira and Oia are well known for their quaint cliff top village settlements. Being the former home to a multitude of shops, stores, bars, restaurants, and…

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Lyrarakis Winery: Wine Tasting in Crete

Lyrarakis Winery: The Wine Tasting Experience of Crete Alagni is an inland village of Crete, a mountainous place in the appellation area of Peza, Heraklion. It lies on a sandy limestone soil, about 500 meters above the sea level. An area with an ideal microclimate. Cooled by the northern...

Herodion Hotel: Pure Comfort in the Heart of Athens

Herodion Hotel With just one night to spend in Athens for my visit to the Greek Wine Exhibition, Oinorama, I decided I needed to stay in a centrally located place that would be able to offer me some extra comfort to relax during my few spare hours in the...
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